“The Blues Camp was probably the best experience of my life (at least, to this point... and probably for the rest of my life).

Along with allowing us to deepen our musical knowledge and play on the biggest stage at the Festival de Jazz, the Camp allowed us to experience extraordinary encounters with other musicians! We had a blast playing at the highest level with high-calibre artists, but also with other young people who share the same passion we do... to make new friends and lose one’s shyness.”

Ariel, saxophonist, Ste-Agathe

“The Blues Camp isn’t simply a ‘camp’ like others. It’s probably one of the shortest, but also one of the most educational. A few days before joining the Camp, I experienced some difficult moments. I didn’t think I was capable of learning anything in so short a time period, but I was wrong. The Blues Camp team quickly became a second family that surrounded you in a ‘magical’ way. We met pros—firstly, our teachers, and secondly, personalities like Bob Harrisson, Paul Deslauriers, Jim Zeller and many others. Before the Camp, I didn’t think I was capable of improvising a solo in a blues song and doing it like a professional. Now, I can confirm that I learned more in 7 days than in 3 years! In short, the Blues Camp changed my life for the better!”

Kevin, guitarist, Montréal

“This Camp was fabulous, a wonderful voyage through the world of blues music. Seeing so many motivated, skilled musicians empowered me to pursue my own musical interests. I left the Camp ready to continue the mission at home with my guitar. Furthermore, the open-spirited atmosphere, created as much by the instructors and organizers as by the “bluesmen” and “blueswomen,” was always warm and friendly! In short, it’s a beautiful experience that I recommend to all music lovers, even if they don’t really know the blues that well, because that makes it even more magical.”

Aristide, singer, Montréal

“For me, the best moment in the Camp, not including the finale performance, was the opportunity to have open-hearted discussions with other adolescents about many musical genres that we all love.”

John, drummer, Laval

“The day when we joined the clinics, and all those artists came in to share their experiences with us… Frankly, the entire Camp was a magical experience.”

Francis, bassist, La Baie

“Writing a brilliant piece (Langosta !) as a group, but also having been able to meet so many people with the same passion and, above all, having had the opportunity to play with other excellent musicians that I still hang around with today!”

Vincent, bassist, Mascouche

“The first day I met the members of my group, the chemistry was there right from the very beginning, and we played as an ensemble really quickly. It was truly special. Another beautiful moment came when we heard the Blues Camp pros for the first time, and we understood who we were dealing with, and what we could expect for the week ahead.”

Benjamin, trumpeter, Longueuil

“I had been so stressed out during our performance in the final show, that when I walked offstage, the after-shock was enormous! It was absolutely amazing to play for so many people!”

Laurianne, trumpeter, Longueuil

“The strongest moments I experienced came during our group practice sessions! I had a group I could speak with about music, and from that moment, I felt at home. As the days passed, the links between us grew tighter and tighter. That’s a large part of the reason I wanted to be chosen for the Camp, to share my passions with such wonderful people.”

John Henry, bassist, Anse-Pleureuse

“DEFINITELY, the moment when we closed out the show for an ecstatic crowd!”

Nicolae, pianist, Montréal

“The practices and jam sessions with my group. The dynamics of playing in a blues group with so many members were entertaining and different, because I often just play with a drummer.”

Adrian, guitarist, Kirkland




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