"I think the best part of blues camp was the friends and music we got to make.
I will never forget that week where I got to look forwards to jamming with 8 friends every day...
Of course, playing in the end concert in THE MONTREAL JAZZ FEST was completely and utterly thrilling, too.
It's not something I'm in danger of forgetting"
Louis Perron, guitariste

« The Blues Camp has been a tremendously great experience as it has not only allowed me to discover the ambivalent world of blues, with its smooth but invigorating melodies as well as the more powerful and energetic rythmns, but gave us, musicians, the chance of experiencing what it was to make music in a band : to give up our self-inhibitions to finally reunite as one and create music. Incorporating our divers past experiences as well as our own personnalised styles, we came together and created our own blues songs.

François Laliberté, batteur

« My favourite part of the camp was being able to speak with the guest musicians after they performed for us, though the performances and clinics in themselves were unforgettable experiences. I enjoyed meeting Stephen Barry and Jim Zellers in particular. They were both nice enough to hang out long after they performed to share interesting stories and useful tips with those who stayed behind. »
Austin Tecks-Bleuer, guitariste

"I thought the whole camp was just amazing! But most of all I loved the show at the end. I love playing in front of crowds and doing preformences like that. There were so many people at that show it gave me the thrill of my life and I hope to be able to do it again."
Samuel Robinson Trudel, bassiste
Ps. I loved Jim Zeller's hair!!

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